Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Solomon's knot crochet shawl

Crochet Solomon's Knot Shawl

So my dearest husband bought me some yarn in an online action a few month back, it was nothing but a mix of different fun yarns, fuzzy yarns, and ladder ribbon yarns and such. I had no clue what to do with half this stuff but my husband started pulling up pictures of things done in these yarns and giving me ideas of things to make. He is so sweet.

After finishing a few larger projects I had on my list I went searching for a new short project and my hubby brought up using the fun yarn once more. I was uncomfortable crocheting an unknown pattern with a new yarn but with a lot of encouragement I took the leap and created this awesome shawl that I can't get over.

Free pattern in a different yarn and with no fringe.

Things I did differently

Obviously I used a different yarn then the given pattern. I used discontinued Lion Brand Trellis yarn in Champagne, about one and a half balls of it. Its tricky stuff to work with but after a little while you get use to it, find a way to make it work for you.

The pattern also doesn't have fringe or instructions. Its super easy to do though, so no worries. Just come up with how long you want your fringe to be. I wanted mine 8 inches so I doubled that and cut each strand at 16 inches. I put two stands in each Solomon's knot. Fold your strands in half, pull the loop through and then pull the ends through the loop and tight.

The stitch work is nice and open and the yarn provides this high fashion shimmer that I just love. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow and yes I did wet block the shawl before putting the fringe on. Thanks for looking and enjoy!


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Friday, June 9, 2017

Baby blanket with scraps!

Flower Garden Baby Blanket

Alright, its no lie, I have a ton of yarn. It fills every nook and cranny of my bedroom and overflows into my living room, taking up the side table and sometimes the couch. What a better way to use up the half balls of yarn I had all over then with a baby blanket!

Ravelry is my favorite and sometimes I just browse the free crochet patterns and save billions of patterns into my library. I happened upon this awesome pattern while looking through blankets for a friend after she just announced they were expecting a girl. She had already commissions a blanket from me and picked a pattern but I also wanted to gift her a blanket.

I quickly fell in love with the look of this blanket and her favorite color was purple so I gathered all of my purple (ish) yarns and got it going.


Things I did differently

Using a large variety of yarns I did have to use two different size hooks (G & H) to get the flowers to come out to about the same size. The thicker yarns got the smaller hook and the thinner got the bigger hook. Not too difficult, it helps to write down which one you used with which color though.

The pattern is written in a join as you go, making all of the flowers and then filling in the holes with the circle joins. Ok guys, watch what you are doing! This blanket ended up in the "time out" closet because I joined ONE flower incorrectly and I couldn't figure out how to fix it for quite a while.

Also, one last thing, the pattern doesn't come with the pretty little half joining circles it has in the picture. I didn't think much on it and just did my blanket without.

Wet Blocking

This blanket is important to wet block! The flowers like to curl up a tad, if you don't. I have a great little system that involves me pinning my blanket on top of towels to my carpet and steaming with a steam mop (It has a clothes steamer attachment that I love so much).

Not going to lie, this is one of the hardest blankets I have had to wet block. I pinned down every flowers petal before steaming it which probably took me a good half hour to do. Lets face it though, it was totally worth it!! It turned out so stunning!

This is a great project I really enjoyed working on and it uses up a bunch of scrapes. Think of all the color possibilities! A whole bunch of different colored flowers or just slight variations of the same color. I can't wait to make another, maybe in pinks, or perhaps reds! We shall see.

Thanks for taking a look and enjoy!


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